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8 can't wait is bad, tips on staying safe, reading material, birds wearing backpacks

Hey everyone — a brief note to anyone new to following that I’m not an activist or organizer, calling me one does a disservice to those people and let’s not do that. I am a cartoonist and writer, my goal is to help folks think more deeply and, crucially, to laugh. In the newsletter and in my illustrated work, I try to help people think more critically about what we consume, and use my internet savvy to suggest sources to look to instead.

That said:


  • When the next wave of COVID hits let’s remember that it is not because of people protesting racism and police brutality.

  • Let’s also remember how just a few weeks ago white supremacists marched, fully armed with no consequences, to demand the country reopen so they could get haircuts. Let’s remember that.

It’s also important to note that any potential COVID spread during protests is exacerbated by police actions, including the use of tear gas, kettling protestors which makes it impossible to keep distance from other protestors, and jailing people. Incarcerated folks were already disproportionally impacted by COVID because social distancing is not possible behind bars. Jails are a public health crisis, and have always been.

  • If you are newly disabled by COVID or the protests / looking for ways to support a newly disabled friend, here’s a great new twitter that focuses on helping newly disabled folks find support.

Also, check out these hashtags:

Here are petitions to sign.

Give your money away! Now and always. Set up a reoccurring monthly payment if you can.

A brief note that if you can find smaller organizations (such as the ones above!) or just pay people directly, that’s great. The non-profit industrial complex is real, sometimes giving to feasibly “good” places means supporting the facade of justice while funding the internal recreation of whatever their mission statement is so doggedly against.

Speaking of money….

Resources and tips for protesting, *some are NYC specific*

Zoom is letting the cops listen to free calls. For places to follow re: updates around tech and digital security:

On cops kneeling with protestors: No. It’s a tactic and also, lol. Love to kneel for the photo op right before brutally beating everyone up who is here today protesting said police brutality. Checks out. Do share this art from Vrye on how to “kill the cop in your head.”

A clear explanation of why 8 can’t wait / other reforms are not good:

To the person who asks “what do we do with the murderers without police?” — and other questions about a better future without the police:

Threads to share to Facebook / with your old family members / with people who only watch Rachel Maddow or whatever:

More reads:

Lastly, a really important thread:


The National. THE NATIONAL.

Gator said fuck the cops:

A weak attempt at levity, here it is—what about some birds with backpacks on?

ID: a penguin wearing a tiny backpack. he looks extremely pensive, the ‘guin

ID: A pigeon who is also wearing a tiny backpack.

ID: This time we have a peacock who is wearing the tiny backpack.

Previous photo found in a great article called, “7 animals that wore backpacks for science.” Highly recommend.

ID: This pigeon who got caught smuggling ecstasy in his tiny backpack.
ID: a very beautiful purply blue bird, looking pensively at the camera. This purple martin is not wearing a backpack but holy shit can you believe how this bird. Simply gorgeous.

Here’s a pic of my dog in a mud puddle.

ID: Clementine my dog lying in the midst of a puddle of mud. She’s looking up at the camera extremely cutely but the bitch is being a very bad dog.

In love and solidarity,
Shelby + Clem