Criticizing Israel is not antisemitic

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Hi all, sorry for the delay and to keep things brief, been under the weather. Here are a bunch of sources regarding the ongoing violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem, reminders that the way news is framed often undermines the severity of said violence and who is doing it, other things I’m reading and think you’d like too.

If you’re unfamiliar with the BDS movement, here you go.

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And because what is happening now far predates this moment and will continue after the current international news interest, this book is free!

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We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe

Under Modi, India’s economy has been hollowed out, and hundreds of millions of people who were already living precarious lives have been pushed into abject poverty. A huge number now depend for survival on paltry earnings from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), which was instituted in 2005 when the Congress party was in power. It is impossible to expect that families on the verge of starvation will pay most of a month’s income to have themselves vaccinated. In the UK, vaccines are free and a fundamental right. Those trying to get vaccinated out of turn can be prosecuted. In India, the main underlying impetus of the vaccination campaign seems to be corporate profit.

Nurses Are Striking Across the Country Over Patient Safety

The St. Vincent nurses strike may be the longest nursing strike in the country for nearly 30 years; nursing strikes typically last only a few days or weeks. They’re also striking against a massive for-profit company—Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare Corporation—which owns St. Vincent, and which the nurses say puts profits over patient care. But around the country, the pandemic has pushed nurses and hospital workers, already squeezed by a patchwork health care system and private ownership, into a position where many of them feel that they have no choice but to use the strike weapon to demand change to the way health care is provided.

Magic Actions: Looking back on the George Floyd rebellion by Tobi Haslett

We need not fear that word. In fact it’s vital to insist, over the drone of an amnesiac discourse, that last year’s spate of protest was propelled, made fiercely possible, by massive clashes in the street—not tainted or delegitimized by them, nor assembled from thin air. Those threatened by that fact will work to wipe it from our minds. The first phase of BLM thus made the case—unleashed the anguish—that was acted on last spring, in the flash of confrontation with the shock troops of the law.

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