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Hi all, very brief newsletter this week because reasons. Hope you’re all doing okay. If you missed the subs only newsletter last week, it’s just a big list of books to read—feel free to give me suggestions!


The Anti-Trans Lobby’s Real Agenda

While the state imagines emancipating itself from trans people by defining them as unfit for citizenship, religious liberty bills enshrine Christianity as the de facto state religion. In doing so, they reframe the openly eugenic policy of banning trans children’s healthcare as a positive claim about whose lives are being selected by the state as most valuable. Trans children are particularly useful props in this argument, as the figure of the child has long been the sentimental stand-in for the nation and—by extension, in its most extremist manifestations—the “race.” Since at least the antebellum period, as historians have detailed, the racial innocence invested in the figure of the white child has served as an anchor of proper American political feeling. 

On masks and outdoors

Ultimately, outdoor mask mandates may be popular in some settings, as they are among the most “visible interventions” purporting to demonstrate decisive leadership. However, these mandates do little to tackle the critical transmission risks or to address outcomes of socioeconomic inequities and structural racism, driving a disproportionate number of the infections and consistent disparities observed worldwide.

Abolish Intellectual Property

As they’re quick to note, these horrors are in part due to the failures of the failures of the Indian government. But they’re also due to the inaccessibility to vaccine recipes. Globally, half of the doses of covid-19 vaccines administered so far have gone to the richest 16% of the world’s population. In the U.S., nearly 30% of the population is vaccinated. Schools and bars and gyms are beginning to open up, and many of us are reuniting with friends we haven’t seen in a year. Meanwhile, India is experiencing the worst covid surge the world has seen yet. On Monday, it recorded 352,991 cases, breaking the record for the number of new cases seen in any nation in a single day.

Bird news:

Donation Ask: Support Union Democracy!

United Auto Workers (UAW) was once a militant and progressive union that wielded great power in American society, setting new standards for contracts and becoming a cornerstone of working-class prosperity. But recent corruption scandals and lack of accountability to membership have lead to concessionary contracts, the much-hated two-tier system, and the failure to organize auto workers in the South.

This fall, UAW members will vote whether to change their constitution so that every member will be allowed to vote for their top leaders: “one member, one vote.” Spearheading this effort is Unite All Works for Democracy (UAWD), a rank-and-file to bring democracy to our most important industrial union. If it passes, UAW members will be able to challenge their current leadership, which has maintained its grip on power in the union for more than 70 years, and to hold their leaders accountable. 

Democracy is power, and a more powerful, democratic UAW—which now also encompasses an active and growing academic and non-industrial sector—could once again help lead the entire working class. 

If you support union democracy, consider donating to UAWD. UAWD members and supporters have pledged to match up to $15,000 in donations until May 1, so donate today!

Donate! Specifics on where your money goes:

This will supplement the internal funds that we raise from our own members. UAWD members work in auto manufacturing, higher education, legal services, and many other industries in all regions of the UAW. Your donations will be used to help cover the costs of organizing, including staff, materials and travel, as well as legal fees in the fight for one member one vote and beyond. We deeply appreciate your support. Together, we can win this breakthrough for the labor movement.

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