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Disaster capitalism, photographic feminism, Clem

Hello all, hope you’re staying relatively okay in these really grim times. Today some sources, things to read, tweets, more newsletter suggestions, a photo of my dog.

First of all, if you’re new to this newsletter or to me, hi! I’m Shelby. I’m a writer and artist, and I draw cartoons about lots of things, mostly awards for good boys, a project I started in 2017 to literalize/satirize how low the bar is for men (but secretly, everyone is a good boy.) I’m really good at finding great things to read, so my newsletter is a lot of that. I also write about the world, pop culture, dating, love, social media, technology. It’s usually a bit of everything, all over the place, funny, irreverent, and very sad. Like me! I have a dog named Clementine who is often featured here, and below is a blurb from my book (“Awards for Good Boys,” 2019) that I think better summarizes my general ethos.

Disaster Capitalism, Climate Change, Texas

Texas leaders failed to heed warnings that left the state's power grid vulnerable to winter extremes, experts say

Conservatives accuse wind turbines of killing people

[side note to say if you aren’t familiar with Naomi Klein’s work about disaster capitalism, it’s only going to become more and more relevant.]

*Good Boy interlude* — Ted Cruz blaming his trip on his children. He was just trying to be a good dad! Come on!

How the Fossil Fuel Industry Convinced Americans to Love Gas Stoves


See also: “Accountability isn’t real: Ted Cruz won’t face consequences because there are no consequences for politicians anymore.”

Last week the subscriber only newsletter was about the aesthetics of power. Here’s an excerpt.

And especially now, when I think many hopefuls thought ousting Trump (and his terrible taste, everyone who became a resistance grifter needed to focus on that) would bring an immediate sense of peace, there’s a doubling down on how the change in aesthetics signals some larger shift in policy, which it does not. We’re in the middle of the pandemic, there are ten million people unemployed, and yet Biden kissing his wife becomes news: sweet, touching, a sign of hope. 

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Things that I did not write that you might like to read:

Silvia Federici profile in The NY Times:

Federici is a longtime advocate of the idea that domestic work is unwaged labor and was a founder of the Wages for Housework movement in the early 1970s. It is a form of gendered economic oppression, she argues, and an exploitation upon which all of capitalism rests.

Tweets, for you:

More newsletter recs: 

  • Vittles — great writing about food!

  • DAVID—What began as a weekly series on people named David has evolved into a person named David’s weekly thoughts on art, culture, BDSM, sexuality, and popular queer discourse. Some of my most read essays have been on bad dadsfucking your friendsfeeling “valid,” and David Hyde Pierce.

  • the immense wave—I’m Marianela. I write about all kinds of stuff — architecture, culture, books, politics — in all kinds of combinations.

  • Time to Say Goodbye—We will be providing commentary, reporting, and links about everything you don’t know about Asia, the Coronavirus and Asian-America. If you want to know “how did Korea contain COVID19?” or “what is a pangolin?” or “can the United States actually economically distance itself from China?” you’ll find all the candid answers at TTSG.

My dog:

ID: a photo of Clementine. she’s sitting down, wearing a little knit sweater, and looking up at the camera with her big very hazel eyes. her tongue is out just a little, not quite The Devils Plep, but close.

Wishing everyone safety, love + a kiss from clem <3