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Today, a newsletter about newsletters! I am linking to a bunch I think are great / that have been recommended to me and I’m excited to dive into. Feel free to comment with your favorites! The subscriber newsletter today is about Emily in Paris, Progressive Pillow Fights, Em Rata.You can find those less edited thoughts here.

And if you’re new here, this newsletter is called Please Clap because:

One sentence rant of the day: Why the fuck are we having a Superbowl and why will there be a poem and who does this help and everyone is going to be all excited about the ads and none of this matters. Okay!

To watch: My smart friend made a brilliant film and it’s streaming now. Definitely watch!

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There are so many good newsletters now it is overwhelming but also very cool, here are some you should read!

Including under each newsletter link a few sentences from their about pages, but please do explore further, and feel free to leave me some of your favorites that I missed!

Broti Gupta’s newsletter

“Why subscribe?


Sam Irby’s newsletter

1 books i’ve bought/read/posted on instagram without even opening
2 recipes for things i successfully cooked
3 music? movies?? milf-on-milf romance???
4 recaps of the best show on television, judge mathis

Drawing Links by Edith Zimmerman

I’m Edith Zimmerman, and Drawing Links is a comics newsletter with short illustrated stories about my life. 

¡Hola Papi!

Hola Papi! is an advice column that started out at Grindr’s LGBTQ outlet INTO in 2017. Originally pitched as “Queer Latinx Dear Abby Huffing Poppers,” the column has gone on to tackle questions from readers around the world and is currently being adapted into a memoir for Simon & Schuster to be published in 2021.

Close but Not Quite by Mary Retta

The point of this newsletter is not merely to complain or bemoan my life because that would not be fair or productive. Rather, I want to use these essays to examine and unpack the institutional and structural barriers that have forced me & so many others to accept a “close but not quite” version of what we want out lives to look like.

Bloated by Thoughts by Sydney Gore

Lately, I’ve been interrogating some of the most pressing issues within the wellness industrial complex like whitewashing, the commodification of “self-care,” the popularity of crystalsthe spreading of misinformation, the working-out-while-working-from-home crossover, and breaking bad digital habits. I am also passionate about raising awareness around food sovereigntydisability justiceenvironmental justice, and BIPOC reclaiming the outdoors.

Mentally Shrill by Alexis Wilson, she’s an expert:

Q: What makes you qualified to give advice?

My Concerta dosage and well-documented history of always being right. Next question.

Nightlife by rahel aima

Welcome to niͥghͪᴛⷮliͥfeͤ, a newsletter about staying in. About houseplants, skincare, herbal infusions and other sunless joys, and no parties whatsoever. Each edition will include a newsletter from me, rahel aima featuring links, excellent creatures, recipes, and so on.

From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy

This newsletter is about food and its constellation of concerns, from politics and labor and hospitality and sourcing and everything else. On Monday, I send out an essay, along with notes on what I’ve published, read, and cooked. On Fridays, paid subscribers also receive interviews with people in food. There is also a monthly discussion thread for paid subscribers.

Hip to Waste by Safy-Hallan Farah

Hip to Waste is a weekly newsletter of personal essays, criticism, interviews, playlists, and recommendations from me, Safy-Hallan Farah. I’ve been writing online and in print for almost a decade, most notably for Nylon Magazine (before its print division shuttered), Still Here, and Paper Magazine, where I had a brief stint as a Night Editor. I’ve interviewed a lot of interesting people over the years, Barry JenkinsAlia ShawkatImaan HammamIlhan Omar, and the originator of the “it me” meme to name a few. I’m most proud of my writing on not knowing how to drivealt accounts, and livestreaming the revolution.

Unsnackable by Folu Akinkuotu

I’m just a girl trying to cope with a deeply ingrained "there's rice at home" mindset by dreaming about a world of inaccessible snacks & cooking complicated food in a tiny kitchen.

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Oh God Sorry by Mitra Jouhari

Hi! This is Mitra. I want this to be a place where hopefully I write some things that make you laugh, some things that make you feel good, and some things that make you feel invigorated to get involved. Among other things!

Air Gordon Pt. 2 by Jeremy Gordon

Mostly I’ll use this space to write the kinds of things I liked to do at the Outline: discursive ruminations on modern culture that I find interesting or at least attention-grabbing, occasionally without any news peg or angle. Maybe sometimes I’ll talk a little shit.

Look at This by Krista Anna Lewis

LOOK AT THIS! is a newsletter of links pertaining to art & design created by Krista Anna Lewis. Subscribe for biweekly emails containing a curated collection of things to see, buy, or admire.

Under the Influence by Aiden Arata

welcome to under the influence. in bi-weekly newsletters, i’ll be exploring the on- and offline effects of our supremely strange present: dystopia, hysteria, flashes of ecstacy, the contortions of time and space that occur when we mostly live online. the first official dispatch will cover the Starbucks Pistachio Latte, the 1995 queer cult classic film The Doom Generation, and the comfort/death dialectic.

Lastly, an unsettling truth: Punxastawny Phil is a good boy. By this I mean, naturally, that Phil has taken the Elixir of Life and will be immortal, while his wife, Phyliss, has not taken the Elixir of Life. You think I’m kidding but no, this is scripture, this is on the official website. 

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