that's the name of my newsletter and also a commandment

Welcome! To my newsletter! 

Please Clap is an extension of awards for good boys—with a similar focus on why we applaud people for doing the least and how our collective horniness for the bare minimum manifests in our public and private lives, as well as a place where I share work (of mine, yes, but so many, many others) that I genuinely hope you clap for! So yes, it’s a satirical look at why we clap for people doing the least, but it’s also an earnest outlet for me to share things I really, truly care about, and hope you do too. 

Image description: a worried looking good boy, with very open red mouth and a drop of sweat rolling down his forehead (just underneath his luscious little tiny bangs) is saying “please clap” in a speech bubble.

I blast out a lot of information, including links to what I’m reading, listening to, watching, across my social media feeds, and know it’s a lot to keep up with, let alone digest. Think of this as me sharing my screen with you and telling you what tabs I have open, what I’m listening to while I dwell about the too many open tabs, what I draw to help understand said open tabs—you get it. 

It will be a less-ephemeral archive of my musings and suggestions, and of course, photos of my beautiful dog and identical looking cartoons. And here I will use the luxurious space afforded to me by substack to unpack my various musings about topical events and the media coverage of them, comedic interpretations of very grim things, a deeper dive into questions raised on the Instagram page, a broad look at how technology has changed our relationships, the insidiousness of “stan” culture and more.   

But here, you won’t have to hold down your screen to read paragraphs of text that make abundantly clear the extent to which we’re all screaming into the void. Come watch me scream into a different void. A better void. A warmer void. 

This will certainly evolve in real-time as we go, and I’m open to suggestions, questions, topics you want me to cover—all that jazz. Let’s do it! 


Shelby + Clem