The 10 Best Top 10 Lists of the Year

(Not actually)

It’s the end of the year—you know what that means. It’s time to succinctly funnel a decade’s worth of reflection, reading, and remorse into a single tweet! OR a list! Make sure you choose the five acceptably trendy books to be reading right now, throw in a dash of social climbing (tag! those! strangers!) and a hot take about how hot you are, with an undercurrent of self loathing so everyone knows you do believe this but hate yourself for doing so! Let’s go ladies! If you don’t get any press (why doesn’t this tweet have an Emmy?) pull an Amanda Palmer and call this a feminist outrage! You’re unique and brave and creative! Why doesn’t the world care?

Anyways, happy last week of the year. I was going to continue DYCYAF this week, but I’m holding off so I can better get a sense of where people would like that to go next. This time of year is…weird. Let it be. One of my biggest pet peeves about the “New Year’s Resolution” complex is how haphazardly it slaps a linear narrative onto a sprawling, endless, eternally evolving entity, i.e. you. I love a metaphorical reset, the catharsis of feeling another fucked up year pass, if only in name. But I skip the resolutions, most years, instead reflecting on what I want to leave behind, on what held me back. I usually burn these things, after writing them out on a piece of paper. Healthy arson, for me, as a treat. I find the best changes often come from sussing out the stuck-ness I feel, what feels like sludge and why, before launching preemptively into motion.

So this week, a look back into some great / tough / weird reads I’ve shared on @awardsforgoodboys. There’s no ranking here, just a (incomplete, I post a lot, someone STOP ME) list. Enjoy!

  1. Beaver walks into Md. store, finds only artificial Christmas trees, and proceeds to trash it (Washington Post)

    Image ID: A distressed looking beaver stands with mouth agape and little claws held in suspense

  2. The follower factory (New York Times)

  3. Is there a smarter way to think about sexual assault on campus? (New Yorker)

  4. The shallowness of Google translate (Atlantic)

  5. White magic (New Inquiry)

  6. Ableist words and replacements (Autistic Choya)

  7. Aurora named Steve (NASA)

  8. Abba wore those outfits as tax evasion (The Guardian)

  9. Sex toys will never be able to do the hardest work for you (BuzzFeed)

  10. White feminism is white supremacy in heels (Harper’s Bazaar)

  11. Louis CK and the missed point of redemption (Atlantic)

  12. Mark Zuckerberg hates black people (Medium)

  13. Facebook can absolutely control its algorithm (Wired)

  14. Novelist who penned ‘how to murder your husband’ essay charged with husbands murder (NPR)

  15. New poetry by queer indigenous women (Lithub)

  16. McDonald’s strike (Vox)

  17. Genetics has learned a ton about white people (Vox)

  18. Corporate media enabled Trumps anti trans policies (Rewire)

  19. Researchers have debunked goops “ancient chinese” jade eggs (Quartz)

  20. Mark Kozelek and feminist guilt (Spin)

  21. The last big lean in (Bitch)

  22. Stop saying ghosting is abuse (Mel)  

  23. Complicated benefits of mental health memes (Nylon)

  24. Dunham has shown us who she is and white women continued to support her (Wear Your Voice)

  25. Everything you know about obesity is wrong (Huffington Post)

  26. How much of the internet is fake? (NY mag)

  27. The horror of the olympics marriage proposal (New Statesman)

  28. No one wants it (Affidavit)  

  29. Hollywood handshake (Vulture)

  30. The gym isn’t usually a safe space for fat women (Buzzfeed)

  31. Reclaiming hysteria (Bitch)

  32. Judging Green Book by its cover (The Ringer)

  33. Emotional labor metafilter thread

  34. The concept creep of emotional labor (The Atlantic)

  35. Facebook only protects white men (Pro Publica)

  36. Post no evil (Radiolab)

  37. It’s complicated when it comes to the cancellation of Luke Cage (The Root)

  38. Ethical communication (Queer sex ed podcast)

  39. Internet outrage (Call Your Girlfriend)

  40. Who is really getting ripped off by $35 sage (NY Times)

  41. How the internet became a playground for exploiting black creators (Vice)

  42. How to use critical thinking to spot false climate claims (The Conversation)

  43. The evolution of Arianna grande (Erin Dyana) 

  44. The normalization of Stan culture is unhealthy (Medium)

  45. The magical thinking of guys who love logic (The Outline)

  46. Attacking Ilhan Omar isn’t fighting anti Semitism it’s upholding white supremacy (Forward)

  47. Audrey hitching is a myspace queen turned energy healer. Critics say she’s a fraud (Daily Dot)

  48. What Jameela Jamil could learn from Noname (Wear Your Voice)

  49. The problem with telling men with mental health issues to just “reach out” (Mel)  

  50. Anna Nicole Smith (You’re Wrong About)

  51. Ryan Adams dangled success. Women said they paid a price (NY times)

  52. Fat rat saved from manhole by German animal rescue (BBC)

    Image ID: a screaming rat is stuck in a manhole.

  53. Dan Mallory (New Yorker)

  54. His siblings were killed by their adoptive mother. He was left in foster care to suffer a more common fate (Washington Post)

  55. People don’t bribe college officials to help their kids they do it themselves (NY times)

  56. Decolonizing science reading list (Medium)

  57. Museums cut ties with Sacklers as opioid outrage grows (NY times)

  58. Twitter cliques (Mashable)

  59. What was the Washington Post afraid of? (NY mag)

  60. Youtube executives ignored warnings (Bloomberg)  

  61. Heaven or high water (Popula)

  62. The narrowing of museum imagination (Hyperallergic)

  63. Is prison necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore (NYT mag)

  64. The rise and fall of the plastic straw (Alice Wong)

  65. I once found a home in queer nightlife now chronic illness keeps me inside the house (Slate)

  66. Opinion: I started the conversation on Joe Biden (Buzzfeed)

  67. Secrecy self dealing and greed at the NRA (New Yorker)

  68. A perfectly normal interview with Carmen Maria Machado (Electric Literature)

  69. Against awareness (Medium)

  70. A rough transcript of every convo with Pete Buttigieg (McSweeney’s)

  71. Why din’t twitter treat white supremacy like Isis? (Motherboard) 

  72. The adults in the room (Deadspin)

  73. What cat woman taught me about sexuality and power (Catapult)

  74. Brenden Urie gets key to Las Vegas 

    Image ID: Brenden Urie of Panic! At the Disco holding the key to Las Vegas

  75. Dual disloyalty (Jewish Currents)

  76. Hagi on cancel culture (Time)

  77. Hagi on Garfield (Food and Wine)

  78. A historic breakthrough for sex workers rights (New Republic)  

  79. The black feminists who saw the alt right coming (Slate)

  80. The social justice sector has an internal racism problem (Sojourners)

  81. Border profiteers (The Baffler)

  82. The opioid crisis isn’t white (Democracy Now)

  83. Human toll of the 2019 media apocalypse (Medium)

  84. Women created our worlds - Native art reclaims its power (Longreads)

  85. Kathleen Hale came for her Goodreads critic…then the internet came for her (Buzzfeed)

  86. Porn company’s user generated ideal woman makes me want to die (Cosmo)

  87. The send guys who email women novel length relationship manifestos (Mel)

  88. Could one man single handedly ruin the planet? (NY Mag)

  89. When it comes to climate change grief is more useful than empty nostalgia (Catapult)

  90. Gaming’s me too and the tyranny of male fragility (Wired)

  91. Dark crystals - the brutal reality behind a booming wellness craze (The Guardian)

  92. Twitter lockdown the latest online attack on sex workers (Medium)

  93. Twitter is asking sex workers if they’re bots (Vice)

  94. The heart - No 

  95. On heteropessimism (New Inquiry)

  96. The Wing - how an exclusive women’s club sparked a thousand arguments (The Guardian)

  97. Emma got red pilled (The Cut)

  98. The FBI spends a lot of time spying on black Americans (The Intercept)

  99. How the Pittsburg shooting changed American jews (Vox)

  100. Conde Nast transformation (New Republic)

  101. Fast casual and out of control (New Republic)

  102. Fixating on cancel culture in an age of transphobia (New Republic)

  103. Sex workers are on the forefront of the fight against mass surveillance and big tech (Observer)

To cheer you on into the new year:

You got this! Whatever “this” is! Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, set firm boundaries, etc. Cheers to another year of mayhem.

<3 Shelby + Clem