This Is Not About Love

Soon, though

Hey everyone! I have some links and reads for you today. You’ll be getting another email on Sunday because, well, I love love. (And also have many smart friends that I asked, uh, yesterday to give me some love, sex, dating advice. So that will all be in there.) 

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Amazon watch: all eyes on Alabama

Read: The Alabama Town That Could Defeat Jeff Bezos

What I’m reading offline: The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine. A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance, 1917–2017

Other things you might like to read:

Assorted important-unimportant information:

A playlist, put on shuffle I added these really haphazardly:

This tweet, please I am begging you to tag me lmao:

Photos of my dog, also I wrote a love letter to Clem last Valentine’s Day, you can read that here.

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