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Hello all, happy pride from me and Clem. Today, I’ve got some suggestions for what to read / listen to, relevant toons, some things to think about. In the subs only newsletter, I’m pontificating about how the phrase “Just Google It” is counterproductive and bizarre, though I once very much loved the fleeting yes I’m a girlboss shiver of antagonism it flooded through my veins. Onwards!

What to read:

Robin D.G. Kelley: The Tulsa Race Massacre Went Way Beyond “Black Wall Street” - George Yancy

I know this is a long answer, but I’m simply making a plea that we think more deeply about the events of 100 years ago and their legacy — that we bear in mind that Black working-class lives matter, that we reject capitalist solutions to address the violence of racial capitalism and settler colonialism, that we never forget how this country came to be in the first place, and that we never forget what “Wall Street” signifies.

Life in Gaza With Down Syndrome by Sarah Luterman

Beyond stigma, it is difficult to get adequate medical treatment and disability support in Gaza, according to a 2020 report from Human Rights Watch. Bombs destroyed or damaged 17 hospitals and clinics and interrupted the already strangled importation of medical supplies. Health spending is significantly lower in Gaza than in Israel, and there are few specialists. It is difficult to provide relief work. One NGO I spoke with was worried that if they helped me find a source, they might be prevented from entering Gaza, where they provide some disability services. 

Judge a Book Not By Its Gender - Lisa Whittington-Hill

The gender divide bias becomes even more problematic, and downright depressing, when you read the reviews and see how critics and the press receive female celebrity memoirs. Rather than celebrate women and their amazing stories, reviewers revert to stereotypes and tired clichés and, in the process, miss the actual story. Women can spend chapters talking about their accomplishments, their awards, and their accolades and reviewers will still only focus on the sex, the scandal, and the bombshell reveals that are expected from female-penned celebrity memoirs if they want to actually sell books. From memoir titles to book blurbs, when it comes to celebrity memoirs by women, sadly, we haven’t come a long way baby.

Thirty years ago, a Black queer zine captured the scene that birthed house by Leor Galil

"Mainstream gay culture was racist, sexist, boring—and these zines were people expressing the same thing all over the world," Lafreniere says. "That's why we started calling ourselves 'queer'—we wanted to set ourselves completely apart from mainstream gay culture. 'Gay' was kind of a negative word, as far as we were concerned, even though we were gay."

‘When is London Going to Wake Up?’ Muslims Describe the Terror of Living in Canadian City Where Family Was Killed - Manisha Krishnan

What Does “From the River to the Sea” Really Mean? - Yousef Munayyer


Often thinking about how well a cartoon from my book articulated this:

Musk, Bezos Space Race Gets a Boost From Anti-Poverty Tax Break

Rocket projects aren’t the only thing the world’s two richest people have in common. Their facilities are in areas designated as opportunity zones, giving them a path to low-tax expansion. 

ID: a toon from awardsforgoodboys the book - the top panel is a face that says “please boys be conscious of how much space you take up.” underneath a boy with a crown thinks “space…”

ID: the next page of the toon, with a VERY well drawn moon please clap. The boy with a crown says “here I go!” and above the text reads “breaking: Brian moving Brilandia to space.”

Brian is a character that comes up often, if you know you know. Also for you today: this message I got that I really think about a lot:

ID: A screenshot that says “hey I had a tough day at work, even though you did too but, so like no pressure but may I see yours (sic) boobs please #awardsforgoodboys” to which the recipient responds “I’m literally sending this in.”

Lastly — is it narcissism, or did the awardsforgoodboys community start the sheep shearing being fun on the internet trend? Thanks so much for weighing in.

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