Where to give your money, how to read the news


Hi everyone—

Where to give money right now / what to share:

Minnesota Freedom Fund has been shared a bunch, looks like they have adequate traction, so check in with their Twitter page and see what other fundraisers they share / what specific asks they make.

Support those folks on the ground in the best way you can, and find a role that suits what you can do. (Remember there are already orgs and people organized, ask them how you can be of help / what administrative tasks you can do.) See what bail funds are in need closest to you. It’s okay to take a bit to verify — you want to make sure you are actually giving to the right place. Here’s the Louisville community bail fund. Here’s the NYC bail out.

Important info re: protesting and tech. TLDR your phone is not your phone, it’s a channel in which those more powerful can use as a vehicle through which to surveil your neighbors. Which means, it also matters what you share and how you share it. Zeynep Tufekci is an excellent person to read on this, as is Evan Greer.

Who to follow for updates (it becomes easy quickly to realize which orgs are in communication with each other — watch, learn, support, this is a start)

On IG: Project Lets. This great call in for white disabled folks from Invalid Art.

Important tweets / threads pt. 1:

General news sources that aren’t the NY times (doesn’t mean they are perfect but ok let’s lose the emphasis on perfection)

less breaking news more analysis


Important threads pt. 2

Reads, like long ones

Black and Asian-American feminist solidarities reading list

Here’s Verso, I always plug the same few books but I will do so again because they are excellent:

Sending so much love to everyone. Stay angry.

Shelby + Clem