An Interview with Sega the Toad

He did not leave me on read, everyone!

Merry Clem-mas, everyone! Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite highlights from @awardsforgoodboys (literal highlights, not like, my fondest memories, but that too). Also, the most important and topical journalism I think ever, potentially, in a brief conversation with record-spinning toad Sega the Toad. I did think for a while Sega had seen my interview request and left me on seen, which honestly, hurt more than any romantic ghosting. So this is validating, for me. Everything is fine!

RED ALERT: It’s Sega the Toad

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If you’ve been following me for a bit, you likely know that I’ve been going through a big frog and toad phase, like much of the internet. And if you’ve been on the internet you’ve maybe seen a video of Sega: she’s the toad that likes to spin on records. Sega pops up everywhere, maybe you didn’t even know Sega WAS Sega. So here you go!

Shelby Lorman: What’s Sega’s favorite song to spin to? What about favorite treats. Sega: Can’t take my eyes off of you. She loves hunting down crickets. 

SL: How’d you get into frogs?
Sega: My grandparents had two ponds behind their house and I’d always love catching the bullfrogs there. And then at my house there was always an American toad out and about at night to find.

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SL: Is there monetized Sega content? Monetized frogs are the future?
Sega: I already have made some shirts, stickers and even shower curtains I have for sale to help support with new stuff I’d need to get for them.

SL: Why do you think frog and toad content is everwhere right now? Is Sega responsible? 
Sega: Amphibians have been on the rise in meme world for some time now, like with the tactical toad or sitting frogs. They are just very good internet animals. They look weird but also cute at the same time and that checks both boxes for the internet, the “wtf” content and also the “aw” content. I’ve seen more frog and toad content her lately since I’ve started and her record video [see below] went viral.

SL: What was the first viral one?
Sega: Well it wasn’t that song at first—unusual videos shared the video from someone else’s profile that had a different song on it and it wasn’t till after 2 million likes that the problem was fixed. 

SL: Oh wow. So content theft exists in the frog world too! 
Sega: Happens all the time. But now my followers credit me for stuff which is pretty cool.

Well, there you have it! Sega the Toad. Highly recommend going and watching all the available content, especially if you’re into gaming! A blessing for us all. Hope everyone is staying safe / hope I could distract you from the world / your self / your family for a bit.

Shelby + Clem