Gifts 4 Good Boys

Stickers, hoodies, prints. Buy my shit thank you

Hello, apologies for the double email but, here you go, here is all the stuff that you can buy in the @awardsforgoodboys universe. Until I figure out what to do with the platform, this is the best way to support me / keep my art close to your heart. Lol. Ok anyways:

1. Awards for Good Boys — The Book

If you haven’t read my book yet, here it is! If you’ve been following my work for a bit, you’ll recognize a lot of it—but there are also 7 chapters with written vignettes, musings from everything on sex toys to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, tat-calling, breakup emails, non-monogamy. I’m smart!

Alternatively if you’ve read it and want to gift it—makes a great gift for best friend, ex, enemy, current crush. IT’S VERY FLIRTY AS A GIFT AND HAS, YES, GOTTEN PEOPLE TOGETHER I AM YENTA. Hell, I got a man to order my book midway through the pandemic during his “Sally Rooney” phase—truly made him call a book store and order both Sally Rooney books and “awards for good boys” —he said it sounded like the book seller did, yes, want to fuck him—so, use it as a tool. By all means. It’s yours!

ID: a screenshot of “awards for good boys” the book on a bright blue background. The cover is a trophy shelf filled with awards for good boys. The subtitle is “tales of dating, double standards, and doom.”

2. Hoodies, T-Shirts, Prints

Your fave cartoons, but wearable. Finally! If there’s anything you want to own but don’t see, send me an email, it’s very easy to add. These don’t ship from me so it’s extremely reliable.

If you’ve checked out the merch store previously, look again! New things include the Smile For Me crewneck (see below), the Meta Sweatshirt (doesn’t need an award for following awards for good boys) and my personal favorite award—Theoretically Open to Being Wrong—in a few new formats: muscle tee, hooded sweatshirt, crewneck. Oh my!

As you’ll see below I was/am very torn about which edition of the “smile for me” face I like, so here are both. Feel free to let me know what you think!

Also, this happened.

3. Stickers!

Probably my most popular items because they are 1) small 2) very good gifts 3) pretty affordable. I made some new ones recently, so check them out! Also in the future I’ll be adding back more original work to the shop—hand painted totes and bigger prints—so make sure you check this newsletter for shop updates. Do I sound like I know what I’m doing? I do not.

ID: a photo of a bunch of stickers available from the awards for good boys Etsy shop, including the “made you come once” ribbon, the smile for me circle sticker, the Clem is God square, the tiny validate me, and the new holographic “I’m excellent at being too tired to hang out.”

As you can see, good boys of all kinds love the stickers:

A photo that Shelby stole from her friend Maya — it is a beautiful puppy with speckle fur and brindle face, holding a tiny validate me sticker in her mouth.

4. A subscription to this very newsletter

Give a gift subscription

Okay, that’s all I’ve got! Thanks for reading if you did, it’s extremely hard for me to talk about my own work and even harder to ask people to buy it. Just what the fuck I hate this place. So thank you for witnessing, absolutely no pressure to buy my stuff, there are many ways to support me, but if you’d like to own some of my work, hopefully this helps. See below for behind the scenes look at what Christmas of book year release was like, influencing is my passion.

A screenshot of a close friends story with the text “i’ve been instructed to say tap to unwrap.” below is a very well designed gif of awards for good boys book being unwrapped.

Oh here’s my dog for you this Monday,

With love,
Shelby + Clem