Jimmy Fallon Finally Speaks

This is not democracy, says Jimmy. Thanks Jimmy

Hellllll times! Sending everyone love and strength. Here are some reads / rereads, cartoons, tentative funny corner.

ID: an early awards for good boys cartoon. in the center is a cartoon face with wide red mouth and very stringy black hair. above it says “everything will be okay” but the will be is crossed out and replaced with “is.” underneath her face reads “a short story by denial”
  • Everyone wants to be a pundit right now and I think a helpful check between me and myself is: I have no idea what I’m talking about, a lot of people also don’t know. So, remember that it’s okay to log off social media and visit homepages of websites like a creature from the days of yore. Or, just keep scrolling with a reminder that things change, reactive real-time responses have merit but often miss nuance, shit is complicated. I’m good at words today!

  • My favorite sources: Democracy Now, Unicorn Riot, It’s Going Down. Assorted antifascist reporters on Twitter, like Antifash Gordon (also shares many similar accounts so a good source). If you go back through my newsletters I usually source from the same few places, so that too. Idk who would do that but, it exists.

Toon break:

ID: a cartoon of a person saying “this is not the America I selectively see!” and underneath are speech bubbles in support that say “hero shit” and “thank you.”

More things I’ve found helpful and or clarifying:

Revisit: QAnon and The New Dark Age, newsletter from late last year:

QAnon theories, like many modern conspiracy theories, were once relegated to more “fringe” areas of the internet, like 4chan and then Reddit, but have been pushed further into the mainstream as those platforms try to curb the rampant spread of fake news and hate speech. These ideas have since seeped into more “acceptable” modes of proliferation, finding buoyancy on the relatively unregulated worlds of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Tech companies have been taken lightly to task for their role in radicalization, but the overall “neutrality” falsely ascribed to algorithms makes it difficult to pinpoint who, exactly, should be responsible for the slither into seeming technological autonomy, execs giving a bunch of shrugs as children are spoon-fed increasingly sinister bot content on their views-equal-profit sites.

My Q source and good person to follow:

Twitter avatar for @alibrelandAli Breland @alibreland
r/donaldtrump has been violating reddit's policies since this past summer, and it's just a bunch of former members of r/the_donald evading their ban. they could have taken action when i reported on it back in october, but better late than never i guess

Sara Fischer @sarafischer

#BREAKING: @reddit has banned subreddit r/Donaldtrump 1. Not official Trump subreddit 2. Ban was result of repeated violations by community since Wed for glorifying and inciting violence 3. Community moderators were given previous warnings - Story to come on @axios
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Recent Good Boys and Related Toons Roundup:

  1. Great work Zuck!

He did it!

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ID: a half-drawn award (there’s no award, just the text) that says “uses his very large platform to talk about attacks on democracy after routinely normalizing and sympathizing with fascists.”

What are the brands saying? Pretty much this. Thank you Chevron for calling for a peaceful transition of power! Think the below cartoon but macro:

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Police officer has a eureka moment about the police saying “If these people can storm the Capitol building with no regard to punishment, you have to wonder how much they abuse their powers when they put on their uniforms.”

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Below, a really important meme I made of Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in Sex and the City, typing away on her little computer, saying, “I couldn’t help but wonder, was I part of a fascist death cult?”

Oh my gosh edgelord indie musicians who always had edgelord views but were given a pass because their music, man, am I right, just so innovative, are actually like this? Wow, I’m shocked! Guess that marks the end of my music listening experience :(

Everyone resigning from Trump cabinet now:

I wager we’ll see a lot of pivots to Z-List reality TV shows of their choosing:

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Tentatively funny things for you:

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This guy and his raccoons:

This important video:

That’s all I got here’s my dog:

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