Roosters: Nature's Good Boys?

An ongoing investigation

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Last week I wrote about the “men would literally do ______ than go to therapy” meme, and why I hate it. Here’s an excerpt:

Which still undoes itself, as an idea: it is unfortunately, perhaps, not true that people who go to therapy enter half-baked and emerge a beautiful ready to eat cookie. People are more complicated than that. The projection many make of being able to track when someone has done good work on themselves because of therapy is simply that: projection.

Today I have tweets and articles I think you should see and share, and then also some important bird news, this time about roosters.

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Never Ending Books Collective: Save and revitalize the Never Ending Books storefront — a sanctuary for New Haven’s artists, bookworms, and performers.

Also to read:

Roosters: nature’s good boys?

This week I really needed to know more about how eggs work, and found myself completely blown away by this description of roosters I found in the process. Roosters find and give treats to hens? They break up fights? They are BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC FARMYARD ICONS? THEY ARE GORGEOUS TO LOOK AT (IN MANY CASES)?

What is the point of them? Hens do not need them to lay eggs, but they do need them to fertilize them, if said eggs are going to hatch. They are very loud. They provide order, according to the rooster who wrote the google description. No shame, but roosters don’t have cocks. When they want to fertilize an egg? That’s vent to vent baby! A cloaca kiss.

It does not seem like a great situation. I’ll let you google more about that if you’re interested.

Reading about roosters…you do kind of root for them? But they also certainly seem like good boys: they are loud and annoying but still framed as underdogs, with much of the writing I found about roosters dripping with this woeful tone, this plead to please remember the rooster and his handsomeness, his utility.

I am just starting this rooster journey—have you got any facts for me? Sound off in the comments, thank you, can’t wait.

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