It's Time For Some Of My Older Boys To Have a Pea Fishing Sauna

they get warm water with warm peas

Hello everyone,

It’s time, for some of my older boys to have a pea fishing sauna. I can’t stop watching these videos. Of the older boys getting the pea fishing sauna, and the lilting way it is described. Expect updates, on the older boys fishing for peas. I’m simply bewitched.

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What I’m Reading:

  • Book wise: a friend had been telling me to read The Undying by Anne Boyer for a long time and? I finally started. Already wrecking me.

  • Also been reading: A Memory Called Empire. Already love!

Reading around the web:

A Tip:

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and that you make sure to give some of your older boys some peas.

-shelby (and clem)